Wesleyan Preschool Enrichment Program

The Wesleyan School offers two different 1 day a week enrichment programs for 4yr-olds. There is a math & science program and a reading writing program. Both programs will have a strong literature component. These topics will be introduced and reinforced through the use of appropriate non-fiction and fiction literature. All activities are hands-on. The Enrichment Program meets on Thursday mornings from 9:30-12.

Curriculum for Enrichment Program

Activities for the Math-Science Program

  1. Learning about bubbles and making all kinds of bubbles and bubble makers
  2. Observing and measuring growing alligators
  3. Making rainbow tubes and kaleidoscopes
  4. Predicting spinning ghosts
  5. Discovering the life cycle of the pumpkin
  6. learning how leaves change color
  7. Sound experiments
  8. Sorting, estimating and graphing
  9. Learning about Christmas customs
  10. Learning how animals stay warm in winter
  11. Discovering magnets
  12. Experiments with air
  13. Planting activities
  14. Learning about the sun

Activities for Reading-Writing Enrichment Program

  1. Reading classic literature
  2. Cooking with books
  3. Exploring books in a given theme
  4. Learning about fiction and non-fiction
  5. Making big books
  6. Making class books
  7. Creating individual books
  8. Comparing and contrasting stories
  9. Author studies
  10. Exploring poetry
  11. Exploring books about songs
  12. Writing class and individual stories