Wesleyan Preschool - Daily Program For 2 Year-Olds

Preschool is the child's bridge carrying him from home to his entrance into an organized school experience.

Arrival - Parents bring children directly into the classroom Children will have a settling in time to interact with materials teacher has placed on tables.

Circle Time - Very brief sharing time, helpers chart, discussion of special interest topic for each day.

Creative Play - Children may choose from different activities.

Possible interest areas:

  1. Building & dramatic play with blocks
  2. Family living area
  3. Manipulatives - Puzzles, beads, pegs, building toys, pattern blocks, unifix cubes, various counters, matching games, etc.
  4. Easel painting
  5. Water table
  6. Library corner
  7. Trains, trucks, and cars
  8. Art activity with crayons, markers, glue, etc.

Play is the chief avenue of learning. Through self-selected play children can develop physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually in ways consistent with their individual needs.

Clean Up - We encourage all children to participate regardless what they played with. We encourage cooperation by all.

Snack - A nutritious snack is provided by the school. Children help by passing out the cups, napkins, and snack. Grace is said before snack.

Large Motor Activities - Movement activities, records, parachute play, indoor play in the Big Room. Outdoor play on the playground will be included as the children become more familiar with the school.

Music - Singing, fingerplays, rhythm instruments, and CD's

Story Time - A story is read usually following the theme of the day.

Dismissal - The children are dressed in their outerwear and seated with all their belongings to greet parents as they enter the room.

Our atmosphere is supportive, caring, loving and positive, with a relaxed, comfortable, but well planned program. We will give the children basic experiences to enhance their future learning.